Monday, May 17, 2021

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The Government single handedly cannot handle/ respond to all children issues due to the enormous increase in number if issues affecting children hence, the keenness in building partnership with well-meaning organizations working for children in Kenya.
Success stories:
1. Establishment of safe house for children rescued from abusive situation( Physical and sexual abuse)The safe opened its doors to children in December 2012 to cater specially for sexually and physically abused children
2. Increased awareness and trust (policing calling to inquire on children matters)
3. Conviction of some of the perpetrators
4. Piloting of parenting programme as a way of preventing child abuse

Emerging trends
1. Rising levels of truancy and drug abuse especially among children from dysfunctional families
2. Sexual abuse by pre-primary teachers
3. Early marriage whereby children are taking themselves to be married without being forced especially in communities practicing FGM

1. Prank and Silent calls
2. Cost of running Service
3. Network Challenges (i.e. fiber cuts)
4. Abuse within the family and deliberate cover-up
5. Finding the right support for the children in areas where there are no partners (especially legal services)
6. Cases dragging in the justice system leading to witnesses getting weary
7. Casual way of handling investigations in cases of abused children
8. Limited resources among the government agencies who should be the first respondents
9. Misunderstanding of the working of the helpline

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